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FiftySounds offers you a catalog of music without copyright , that is, royalty free music.

Perfect for YouTube

You can monetize your videos on YouTube, and on your favorite social media platforms, with complete peace of mind.

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Discover our exclusive content!
Enjoy hundreds of sound effects, samples and exclusive tracks.

Commercial Use

Our music is free for personal and commercial projects. Free of royalties, No PROs, no hidden fees.

Unlimited Projects

You can also use our copyright free music in video games, apps, advertising, radio and television.


Download license and music in high-quality format (mp3 320bps) without registering.

Your broadcasting projects

We have created a selection of themes covering a wide range of musical styles: film music, pop, corporate, children's music, vocal themes, electronics and ambience, world music, piano solo, and a collection of audio logos, intros, and musical transitions.

Our stock audio material is ever-changing. We strive to expand and develop it with each new day, in keeping with the changing needs of our users. Our music isn't designed solely to accompany film or video material, but rather to be an integral part of the development of mobile apps and video games.
The FiftySounds catalogue has been specially designed to help small businesses and young entrepreneurs who do not have a budget.

        Personal and educational use  

        YouTube video with monetization  

        Corporate videos  


        Advertising, websites  

        Theater, shows and public events  

        Product presentations  

        Professional photography  

        Video games, apps and software  

        Movies, trailers and documentaries  

        TV shows  

        Radio programs  

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What is copyright free music?

Copyright-free or royalty-free music is that which is created (composed, produced) by authors who are not part of any copyright management company (ASCAP, BMI, SACEM, GEMA, SGAE, SIAE, PRS,...), commonly known as PRO.

The process of acquiring music registered in a PRO and using it in your project is complicated, long and cumbersome. Depending on your project (film, advertising, play, video game, website ...) you would have to pay for synchronization rights, mechanical reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, among others.
As a result, none of FiftySounds' works is registered with a copyright management company.

Never have so many video games been designed, nor have we had so many television and radio channels, nor have so many movies, television series and video platforms been created.

•     400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
•     The video game industry has an annual turnover of $120 billion.
•     Advertising moves around $1.7 trillion annually worldwide.

Who is FiftySounds for?
For video editors, YouTubers, advertisers, photographers, students, gamers, radio broadcasters... Use our music for free, forever, in unlimited projects, without copyright problems.
Simply include "" in your project.

Getting the perfect track is now much easier.
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