Guitar Sound Effects

Free guitar sound effects: slides, arpeggios, transitions, sound design, ambients, and accents.
License: free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required.

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Guitar with echo effect.

Guitar Effect

Guitar with echo effect. Duration: 0:05s

Relaxing chord progression.

Guitar Progression

Relaxing chord progression. Duration: 0:08s

Ascending minor arpeggio.

Guitar Arpeggio

Ascending minor arpeggio. Duration: 0:06s

Soft, modern texture.

Guitar Ambience

Soft, modern texture. Duration: 0:13s

Modern effect with pads.

Guitar Effect 2

Modern effect with pads. Duration: 0:11s

Short clip with electric guitar.

Electric Guitar

Short clip with electric guitar. Duration: 0:06s

Distorted guitar with vibrato.

Electric Guitar 2

Distorted guitar with vibrato. Duration: 0:07s

Short clip with simple slide.

Guitar Slide

Short clip with simple slide. Duration: 0:09s

Short clip with slide.

Guitar Slide 2

Short clip with slide. Duration: 0:07s

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