Textures Sound Effects

Selection of textures sound effects: nature backgrounds, piano effects, birds, metal objects, chimes and more.
License: free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required.

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Soft texture with birds.

Nature Texture

Soft texture with birds. Duration: 0:38s

Rhythmic texture with mallets.

Mallets Texture

Rhythmic texture with mallets. Duration: 0:31s

Magical ambience, soft and ethereal.

Paradise Texture

Magical ambience, soft and ethereal. Duration: 0:27s

Horror background for thrillers.

Horror Texture

Horror background for thrillers. Duration: 0:33s

Background with metallic instruments.

Bells Texture

Background with metallic instruments. Duration: 0:21s

Gentle piano background.

Piano Texture

Gentle piano background. Duration: 0:34s

Nature background with chimes.

Chimes Texture

Nature background with chimes. Duration: 0:34s

Rhythmic background with mallets.

Mallets Texture 2

Rhythmic background with mallets. Duration: 0:26s

Ethereal texture with reverb.

Echo Texture

Ethereal texture with reverb. Duration: 0:27s

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